FREEDOM SYSTEM Face Eyes Body Blush

palettes sold separately

price: tax incl.৳ 1,213 ৳ 1,733tax incl.

6 g/0.21 US OZ

Extend your favorite palette with intense blushes.

Use your imagination to show the colors on your Face, Eyes and Body!
Create unforgettable looks in bold green, electrifying yellow, juicy orange, tempting red and intriguing purple. Owing to its rich formula, these highly pigmented blushes are easy to apply. Although you already look FEBulous, prepare for more, as the presence of Vitamin E as well as sponge gourd oil nourish your skin.

Available in Freedom System.

The unique Freedom System allows you to mix and match products and colors to make your own custom designed palette of almost any size. All Freedom System palettes are eco-friendly and reusable. Products may be purchased with the palettes or individually.

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FREEDOM SYSTEM Face Eyes Body Blush

FREEDOM SYSTEM Face Eyes Body Blush

palettes sold separately

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