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Classic face blush that adds healthy color to ones face. Rich formula allows smooth application and buildable color.


Gazi T 2020-04-07

This review is for the blushes in the individual pots, NOT the freedom system ones. I think the formula's are slightly different based on swatches in the store. It seemed to me like the freedom system ones were more chalky. I have 2 of these (numbers have rubbed off the bottom unfortunately), but one is a mauve colour I often use in Winter and one is a Summery matte pink. I find they are REALLY pigmented so I have to be careful to use a light hand when applying. I use an old smashbox fan brush in fact to ensure I don't overdo it. The colour lasts all day. The only issue I have is that I feel they may clog my pores a bit but I have really difficult, combo skin that clogs easily. For that reason I don't wear them every day, only when I go out

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Radiant Skin Face Blush

Radiant Skin Face Blush

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