High-end and popular cosmetics brand INGLOT is now in Bangladesh for the first time. The FIRST High End yet affordable Cosmetics brand in Bangladesh with International Official Stores! Founded over 30 years ago in Przemyśl, Poland, INGLOT Cosmetics is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers in color cosmetics and INGLOT Bangladesh is the exclusive Country franchisee of INGLOT Cosmetics. Quality of cosmetics are always top priority for makeup lovers and INGLOT aims to bring the best and is well known for its rich pigmentation and quality. Anybody who has ever swatched INGLOT has fallen in love.
INGLOT offers Freedom system which is a unique solution that enables you to fit all your favorite makeup products into one handy and environment friendly reusable palette.
What makes INGLOT so special? THE PRODUCTS – our pride! Combining a scientific technology with vibrant colors resulted in an impressive abundance of products and colors to fall in love with. A wide range of colors and an impressive variety of products is something that makes INGLOT stand out from the crowd