INGLOT Bangladesh Loyalty Card

INGLOT Bangladesh Loyalty Card is the program initiated by INGLOT Bangladesh to reward valued loyal customers. The card is usable only within Bangladesh and any one of the 9 existing outlets of INGLOT Bangladesh.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. To avail the card a customer have to spend at least 5,000 BDT in one Bill.
  2. After filling up the loyalty card form at our outlet customer will be eligible for the card which will be given to them within 7 Working Days.
  3. The card will be only usable by her/him to whom the card has been provided.
  4. Card holder have to present the card at the time of billing or tell POS operator the code on the card in spacial case.
  5. The Loyalty points will be accumulated in the Customers accounts.
  6. Customer will get 10 loyalty points for each 100 BDT spent. Each points is equivalent to 1 BDT
  7. The points only redeemable when a customer reaches 2000 Loyalty points.
  8. Initial purchase to avail the card will be eligible to accumulate loyalty points in customers accounts.
  • INGLOT Bangladesh will preserve all the rights to change or amend any Conditions without notice.