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An extensive collection of loose AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadows combines intense colors with opalescent particles. An incredibly varied range of shades allows you to create unique makeup looks from subtle to ultra-intense, depending on application. Highly pigmented and smudge proof formula is perfect for long hour photoshoots, scene makeup or for body painting. Use together with Duraline to achieve a creamy, waterproof product.

*Product is sold by weight, not volume.

INGLOT AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow - LOVE THESE.

Afrin k 2020-01-28

INGLOT AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow - LOVE THESE. they have so much color and give an amazing pop to any look. They are easy to apply and last for ages. You can add a little bit to your inner eye, or add it to your full eyelid and it’s beautiful and adds a little sparkle!

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AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow

AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow

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