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Makeup can make our eye look even more beautiful. Right eyeshadows highlight the best features of the eyes like their depth, shape and iris.

If you want to enhance your beauty and create proper makeup, choose products intended especially for you. You can choose from a wide range of textures and finishes starting from matte through satin or pearl eye shadows and ending with loose, creamy or pressed formulation.

Is that all? Of course not! Blending brushes are very important tools to work with!

They are available in various shapes and dedicated for different purposes. Fluffy bristles are perfect for blending, whereas flat fiber can be used for application and to gently pat the product over the eyelids. Brushes with short hair allow precise application, while longer bristles are ideal to cover larger parts of the body.

Before you start creating makeup, you need to take proper care of the soft and demanding eye area. The unfailing All In Eye Cream will help you to fight with dark circles and unwanted puffiness, owing to encapsulated caffeine present in the composition. Additional ingredients like cocoa butter, ascophyllum nodosum extract, grape seed oil and chlorella micro-algae will provide proper hydration, ensuring your skin looks healthy and smooth. To maximize the final effect, apply the cream on your eyelids too! Remember that hydrated skin ensures successful makeup creation. To apply the product evenly around the eyes, grab for Makeup Brush 52S. This synthetic tool can be used not only to apply skincare but also other cosmetic products. Thanks to its soft bristles, it provides the feeling of relaxation and pleasure anytime you use it. Pay attention to the direction of your movements - start from outer corner towards inner corner under eyes, and the opposite movement on your eyelids.

After the cream is fully absorbed, it's time to apply eye shadow base. Remember not to skip this step particularly! If you have dry eyelids reach for Eye Makeup Base in a handy jar. Its rich formula smooths and evens out the skin, providing a long-lasting effect. If your eye shadows tend to crease, transfer or smudge, choose Eye Shadow Keeper to create makeup that lasts for hours. Apply the product with Makeup Brush 41TG from lash line upwards the brow bone. Thanks to its flat top, the brush allows even application without the skin looking patchy.

After the base is applied, fix it with matte eyeshadow 352M. Use a soft Makeup Brush 27P to cover the whole eyelids with the product. Now it's time to define your cut crease! Grab for medium brown eyeshadow 357M and apply it with a fluffy Makeup Brush 48SS, in circular motion from outer to inner corner of your eyelid. Made out of goat hair, this brush allows even blending without creating harsh lines.

Pro tip: after the product is applied, dust the excessive amount of it off by hitting the brush handle on the back of your hand.

If you already covered your eyelids, use small and densely packed Makeup Brush 29PO to apply darker eye shadow 327M onto outer corner under your cut crease. To blend everything evenly, reach for Makeup Brush 19P and move your hand inwards and then slighly upwards.

If you want to add a little bit of glow and open your eyes with makeup, apply Body Art Adhesive over the half of your eyelid, starting from inner corner towards the middle part of your eye. Remember to use Makeup Brush 22T that allows perfect application, thanks to its semi-round shape. Then, apply AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow 118 with pink particles to achieve a spectacular effect. Reach for glitter applicator 45S that allows to grab the appropriate amount of the product, ensuring precise and easy application. Start from inner corner towards half of your eye. Use a patting technique to achieve the most satisfying result.

If you prefer more defined look, add slightly more adhesive with the use a fluffy Makeup Brush 40TG, and then apply Body Sparkles Crystals 103 choosing Makeup Brush 4SS with natural fiber.

Almond-shaped eyes are considered the most desirable and attractive as they provide a very romantic look. But don't worry - will help you to achieve this effect with AMC Eyeliner Gel 77 in deep black! Apply the product with a carefully designed Makeup Brush 30T that allows to create lines like a pro. To make your work much easier, we recommend to use a precisely trimmed Makeup Brush 42T. It's so simple, isn't it?

After your eyelids are completely done, start defining the lower parts of your eye. Reach for a short, yet densely packed Makeup Brush 39P and apply Kohl Pencil in your favorite shade under you bottom lashes. To soften the lines, apply brown eye shadow 402P using Makeup Brush 10S. Its long and rounded bristles allow precise application and provides the effect of smudged eye. Then, apply eye shadow 397P with pearl finish with the use of Makeup Brush 49SS. Thanks to its short, rounded hair you can start the application from inner towards outer corner of the eye, yet ending in the middle part of the lower lid. This movement will allow to blend all together evenly.

If your eye makeup is finished, highlight your brow bone. Grab for Makeup Brush 11S and apply either matte or shimmering eye shadow onto this particular area of your face - the choice is yours.

To complete the look, cover your upper and lower lashes with a brand new Promise Mascara. So easy!

Don't hesitate and check out our brush collection to find your must-haves. Notice that many of them are now sold at a very special price.