Brow Liner Gel J501 Taupe


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Complete your Jennifer Lopez inspired look by creating perfectly enhanced eyebrows.  Apply the Brow Liner Gel to your brows to achieve your desired shape and to add natural looking volume. Define your brows by precisely outlining the contour for an outstanding effect and layer color to emphasize thicker-looking brows. Enriched with ceramides, this water-resistant gel formula ensures long, comfortable wear. Perfect for a subtle look or a more dramatic effect. Available in two universal shades.

Special Ingredients:
• Film Former: Helps give makeup a long-lasting effect
• Ceramides: Hydrates skin, lashes and brows
• Spherical Powders: Absorbs sebum and ensures easy application; provides a natural effect with a silky finish, visibly evening out wrinkles

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Brow Liner Gel J501 Taupe

Brow Liner Gel J501 Taupe

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