Freedom System Flexi Palette 2 Become 1 (W6)


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11.2 x 7.6 cm (4.40 x 2.99 inches)

When it is all about hearts and butterflies gift your loved ones with a present that will remind all special moments together.
Freedom System Flexi Palette 2 Become 1  reflects the emotions of sharing life, love and moments with a person close to your heart. Be head over heels in love not only on Valentine’s Day, but every single day! Let the one you love look at the palette, specially decorated with Swarovski® crystals and think about your time together. The palette offers a freedom of insert choice depending on the size.

Solve a simple equation of you + me equals true love, which embodies the meaning and strength of love.

How simple is that?

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Freedom System Flexi Palette 2 Become 1 (W6)

Freedom System Flexi Palette 2 Become 1 (W6)

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